Welcome to Valve Pal




 ValvePal was developed by our company president, and independent truck owner/operator

with over 35 years of driving experience, who wanted to design a simple tool that could be

easily and conveniently used to acces, remove, retain and re-install metal valve stem caps

on vehicles with dual-tire arrangements.


Today ValvePal has a growing line of inflation tools designed to simplify

routine tire maintenance for trucks, trailer, buses, RV's, cars, motorcycles...


Whether you are a tire dealership or a fleet owner; ValvePal  has the tools.

Whether you ride eighteen wheels or two; ValvePal  has the tools.

Whether you are a mechanic or the do-it-yourself kind; ValvePal  has the tools.


We are contniually developing, improving and adding new products to the ValvePal  family.


ValvePal  takes great pride in our strong commitment to deliver a quality product

designed to meet our customer's needs

and in producing a   Made in the USA product.